Italy and the Baghdad National Museum
Italy and the Baghdad National Museum Italians provide training for the use of laboratories donated to the Museum

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One month after the beginning of the military campaign for the liberation of Iraqi territory, the result of the ISF operations, backed by the anti-Daesh International Coalition, is still uncertain.08/27/2015

At the beginning of August, the position of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) seemed to be more strengthened around the city of Ramadi, after having launched the Anbar liberation operation in mid-July and after having conquered in the end of July the south-west of Ramadi, the area in which is situated the University of Anbar. Thanks to air raids against the terrorist...

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Closing ceremony of the first Iraqi Police training course08/24/2015

On 20th August, the closing ceremony of the first session of Iraqi Police training took place in Baghdad. The training session was carried out by the Carabinieri Task Force, that are part of the Military Command of anti-Daesh Coalition, of which Italy is a member. The Commandant of the Coalition in Iraq, US Army General Clarke of 82nd Airborne Division, the...

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Vacancy announcement: Director of the Italian Agency for development cooperation08/19/2015

The vacancy announcement is available only in Italian.

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