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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Baghdad
The Embassy of Italy in Baghdad
The Italian Embassy is located in the International Zone:
FOB Fernandez (Tigris Compound) West Wing – Villa nr. 9.
Switch board (9,00-17,00): +964(0)7505010505/+964(0)7505010606/+964(0)7505010707/+964(0)7505010808
Emergency Phones (24 hours): +964(0)7505013434
Time Difference with Italy: +1h during Italian daylight saving time; +2 h. during solar time in Italy.
For general information please send a mail to: 
For economic & commercial information please send a mail to:
For information regarding visas, please send a mail to: or call the following number between 15,00 and 16,00, Baghdad time: +964(0)7505013838

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Feb. 22th, 2015.

The Embassy of Italy in Baghdad informs that two offices for the collection and documentation of the acquisition of biometric data managed by the company "VISAMETRIC" are active in Basrah and Erbil.
To book an appointment please visit
For more information on the visa granted by the Italian Embassy in Iraq, please contact directly the phone number +964 7505013838),  exclusively from 15h,00 to 16,00, Baghdad time.
Due to the reduction of the staff of the Visa Section of the Embassy of Italy in Baghdad, consequent to the known security conditions, the management of e-mail service may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Amb. Marco Carnelos
The Ambassador
Marco Carnelos

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