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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Baghdad
The Italian Embassy has moved into the International Zone.

Switch board (9,00-17,00): +964(0)7505010505/+964(0)7505010606/+964(0)7505010707/+964(0)7505010808
Emergency Phones (24 hours): +964(0)7505013434
Time Difference with Italy: +1h during Italian daylight saving time; +2 h. during solar time in Italy.
For general information please send a mail to: 
For economic & commercial information please send a mail to:
For information regarding visas, please send a mail to: or call the following numbers (12,00-15,00): +964(0)7505010707/+964(0)7505010808

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Federica Mogherini
 Let’s hope vote of confidence marks turning point


The Embassy of Italy in Baghdad informs that two offices for the collection and documentation of the acquisition of biometric data managed by the company 'VISAMETRIC are active in Baghdad and Erbil.
A third ViSAMETRIC office will open soon in Basrah.
Iraqi citizens resident in the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan should contact the Office VISAMETRIC in Erbil, while those living in the rest of the country should contact the Office VISAMETRIC in Baghdad.
To book an appointment please visit
For more information on the visa granted by the Italian Embassy in Iraq, please contact the Visa Section of the Consular writing to or seconded to the Office of the Embassy in Erbil, writing at 
The Ambassador
Massimo Marotti
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